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    FNAC Test is a well-known test in Bangladesh. People frequently ask for fnac test price in Bangladesh, fnac test price in ibn Sina, fnac test price bd, fnac test price in popular diagnostic center etc. Considering people asking, we are creating a whole article regarding fnac test price in Bangladesh. As well as we will discuss about FNAC Test Procedure, Result, Preparation, and Symptoms before the Test. Before that let's learn about FNAC Test. 

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    FNAC Test Price in Bangladesh
    FNAC Test Price in Bangladesh

    FNAC Test Full Form

    FNAC test also known as Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology. Generally, this test is done to identify or diagnose inflammatory diseases such as breast, kidney, liver, prostate, pancreas, salivary glands, retroperitoneum, lung, etc. FNAC is a very simple and low-cost test. This test requires a tissue sample from the body and it is sent to the laboratory. Finally, this issue is examined by different procedures. 

    FNAC Test Procedure

    In terms of the FNAC Test Procedure, a needle is inserted in a specific area and collects tissue from the body.  Finally, the tissue sample is sent to the laboratory for the final result. The test is a little painful but it is not that much discomfort. Normally people do not need to take any preparation before the test but sometimes doctor provides some preparation such as fasting before the test. The test is very normal like another blood test. Maximum it takes 5 minutes during the test. 

    As you know that FNAC test is also done to identify or diagnose TB. Even it is the best alternative to histopathology. 

    FNAC Test Result

    In terms of the FNAC Test Result, It might take a maximum of 48 hours to provide the report. The test result can be of three types which are:  
    1. Non-cancerous Tumour 
    2. Cancerous cells
    3. Suspicious. 
    In that case, consult your doctor for treatment counseling. 

    FNAC Test Price in Bangladesh

    Finally, we have come to the point of fnac test price in Bangladesh. There are around 19 types of tests available for FNAC. All these test prices are given below. 

    SL Test Name Test Price in BDT
    1 Doctor Fee (FNAC) 2000 BDT
    2 FNAC Collection 500 BDT
    3 FNAC 1300 BDT
    4 FNAC (Both Breast) 2600 BDT
    5 FNAC (L. Node) 1300 BDT
    6 FNAC (Left Breast) 1300 BDT
    7 FNAC (Right Breast) 1300 BDT
    8 FNAC (Small Tumour) 1300 BDT
    9 FNAC (Ultrasound Guided) 3000 BDT
    10 FNAC from Lung 1300 BDT
    11 CT Guided FNAC-1 4000 BDT
    12 CT Guided FNAC-2 4000 BDT
    13 FNAC CT 2000 BDT
    14 FNAC GUIDED(G638) 1500 BDT
    15 Portable Ultrasonogram of FNAC(P745) 2000 BDT
    16 Ultrasonogram of FNAC 1500 BDT
    17 Ultrasonogram of FNAC 4D(D745) 1800 BDT
    18 Ultrasonogram of FNAC/Aspiration 1500 BDT
    19 USG Guided FNAC-1 1500 BDT
    20 USG Guided FNAC-2 1500 BDT

    The test prices are similar in most of the diagnostic centers or hospitals in Bangladesh. In some cases, it may increase or decrease a bit according to the organizations. For example, Apollo, Squire, and Green Life this types of higher-class organizations that can charge a bit higher than the normal price. But in most cases, the test price will be similar. Such as fnac test price in ibn Sina or fnac test price in popular diagnostic center will be similar. 

    Conclusion - fnac test price in Bangladesh

    I hope this article helps you a lot to get fnac test price in Bangladesh. Furthermore, if you have anything else to know regarding it then feel free to comment on the post. I will try to provide you with 100% authentic information. Thank You 
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