hba1c test price in Bangladesh

    hba1c test is the most common and popular test. The content is about the hba1c test price in Bangladesh. hba1c test is a blood test. The test is done to identify the amount of blood sugar as you know that the combination of Glucose and Haemoglobin is known as hba1c. Actually, the hba1c test is generally done to identify the possibilities of diabetics. I think that everyone should go for the test every 3 months onwards.

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    hba1c test price in Bangladesh
    hba1c test price in Bangladesh

    You will be glad to know that the hba1c test is a complete test including some blood tests together. hba1c includes some following blood tests.

    1. Glycosylated HB Blood
    2. Diabetes test
    3. A1c Test
    4. H1C test
    5. A1c Haemoglobin test
    6. Glycosylated HB
    These 5 tests are included in the hba1c test. This test is just a regular blood test. The patient has no need to make any preparation before the test. If your test value is under 5.7 then your result is normal. There is no harmful sugar or glucose in the blood. 

    hba1c test price in Bangladesh

    Diabetics is now a common issue. hba1c test is highly well-known for Diabetics and people of Bangladesh frequently search to get hba1c test price in Bangladesh. According to doctors, every adult should go for an hba1c test at 3 months intervals. Diabetic is a high reason for the following: 

    1. kidney failure
    2. nerve damage
    3. heart disease like stroke
    4. damage to the eyes
    5. numbness or numbness in the legs
    6. late healing of wounds and infections
    According to the National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh, the hba1c test price in Bangladesh is only 800 taka. On the other hand, ICDDR provides the price as 1160 BDT. Whatever hba1c test price is around 1000 taka. 100 taka may be increased or decreased according to the organization. All the government organization (hospitals) will charge 800 taka. Test prices may increase in some private hospitals such as Square, Green Life, Lab Aid, etc. 

    What is a normal blood sugar level? 

    hba1c level indicates the possibility of having diabetes. 
    • If a person's hba1c level is under 1 to 4 then there are no possibilities of diabetes. The person is free from diabetes. 
    • If the hba1c level is higher than 5.6 percent then the person has a high possibility to be affected by diabetics. 
    • If the hba1c level is higher than 6.5 percent then the person has diabetes
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