CA 125 Test Price in Bangladesh: Normal Range, Kits, Results Time, and Tube Color

    CA 125 is the most common and popular test among medical tests. Please frequently search in Bangladesh regarding  CA 125 Test Prices in Bangladesh. The article is regarding CA 125 Test and details about the test. Normally CA 125 is a blood test. So without further due, let's get started. 

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    CA 125 Test Means

    CA 125 is meanly a blood test. It is done to identify ovarian cancer. As well as we can identify whether is the treatment working or not through this test. The test mainly works to identify the amount of protein CA - 125 also known as cancer antigen 125 in the blood sample. The high amount of cancer antigen 125 in the blood sample indicates to have the possibility of ovarian cancer. If someone has cancer then testing CA 125 provides specific information regarding the treatment. 

    CA 125 Test Price in Bangladesh
    CA 125 Test Price in Bangladesh

    CA 125 Test Normal Range  

    People generally think that a high amount of CA 125 indicates to have cancer. But it is not the same always. As we know that CA 125 Test Normal Range is 0 to 35 units/mL If the result is more than 35 units/mL then we can consider a high amount of CA 125 protein in the blood

    CA 125 Test Kit

    CA 125 Test kit is a medical device used by doctors and laboratorians. This test kit includes all the necessary elements for the test procedure such as needles, a collection tube,s and instructions to use the kit. Normally this kit is used by professionals but there are also some kits that are built for home use also. This kit allows patients to collect samples and then send them to the laboratory. The price of this kid may vary according to manufacturers. I recommend purchasing the kits from a well-known reputed brand for getting exact results. 

    CA 125 Test Result Time 

    Generally, CA 125 Test does not take that much time to provide results. It takes a few hours to provide the result. Still, it depends on the hospital or healthcare facilities. Some hospitals or healthcare can take more than a day to provide results. For Example, Ibn Sina generally takes 72 hours to provide the test result. On the other hand, the popular diagnostic center provides a result within 3 hours. So it depends on hospitals or diagnostic centers. 

    CA 125 Test Price in Bangladesh

    CA 125 Test Price in Bangladesh is 1200 BDT according to ICDDRB. 1200BDT for CA 125 Test price in Bangladesh is the government price. Though the test price may vary from healthcare to healthcare or hospital to hospital. For example, the test price may increase in nongovernment private hospitals like green life hospitals, lab aid hospitals, or apollo hospitals. But on average the test price is around 12000 TK in all over Bangladesh. 

    CA 125 Test Tube Color 

    CA 125 Test Tube Color depends on the healthcare centers of hospitals. In general, a Red-Top tube is used for blood sample collection and for blood tests. In terms of the CA 125 Test, the Same tube is used. 


    Hope the article finds you well get details regarding CA 125 Test including Test Price, Test Meaning, Report Time, Test Kit, etc. Still, if you have any more quires then feel free to comment upon the post. Our concern team will definitely provide you 100% authentic information. 

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