PCR Test Price in Bangladesh

    PCR Test is the most crucial test in medical science. Today I will discuss PCR Test prices in Bangladesh. I want to inform you that there are two types of infectious tests to identify any diseases. 

    1. PCR Test 
    2. Antigen tests
    PCR Test Price in Bangladesh

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    These two types of tests are mainly used for identifying any disease. PCR Test is popular to use due to the covid 19 test. Many people refer to the PCR test for covid identification. Before starting, let's see the difference between PCR and Antigen Test. 

    Difference between PCR Test and Antigen Test. 

    I will make you understand in simple words. PCR Test is an advanced test, whereas Antigen Test is a regular test. 

    PCR Test

    PCR Test will provide you exact result. There will be no wrong information in PCR Test. Samples are taken in a general way, such as 

    1. Blood 
    2. Saliva 
    3. Mucus or 
    4. Tissue

    But the test algorithms are different from regular Antigen tests. This test is highly advanced and helps you to diagnose infectious diseases. Even it can identify the genetic change of any disease. PCR test intensely scans the sample and provides you with every possibility harmful to you. You will be surprised to know that the PCR test can identify the disease before any infectious symptoms. 

    Antigen Test 

    Antigen Test is a regular test. Many people suffer from Antigen Tests as Antigen tests can not provide accurate results consistently. In many cases, patients can not identify the disease even after having tests from many diagnostic centers or hospitals. In that case, I will highly recommend you to have PCR Test. 

    PCR Test Price in Bangladesh

    ICDDRB fixed the amount for PCR test price in Bangladesh. PCR Test Price in Bangladesh is only 3000 BDT. PCR Test is highly popular in Bangladesh to identify the covid test. So many people go for the PCR Test to get the exact result. Most of the hospitals in Bangladesh maintain the price of 3000 BDT for the Covide - 19 PCR Test.  But these test prices may vary in some aristocratic medical hospitals such as Square, Apolo, Geen Life, etc. 

    PCR Test Price in Bangladesh Polupar Diagnostic 

    There are so many tests for PCR in Bangladesh Popular Diagnostic Center. Some of their PCR Test price in given below. 

     PCR Test Name Price in BDT
    PCR Test for Covid-19 3000 BDT
    HCV Genotyping PCR 15000 BDT
    HCV-RNA (Ql.) PCR 7000 BDT
    HCV-RNA (Qn.) PCR 12000 BDT


    I hope the article will help you greatly regarding PCR test prices in Bangladesh. If you have anything else regarding any medical test, please comment on the post. I will provide you with 100% authentic information. 

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