CRP Test Price in Bangladesh

    CRP Test is also known as the C-reactive Protein Test. The article is regarding CRP Test Price in Bangladesh. Before that, let's learn what CRP Test is. 

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    CRP Test Price in Bangladesh
    CRP Test Price in Bangladesh

    CRP Test is done to identify the level of c-reactive Protein in Blood. This Protein is made from the liver. Inflammation is very much related to CRP Test. C-Reactive Protein is sent to the Blood in response to Inflammation. The higher level of c-reactive Protein is highly injuries to the human body, and it causes severe disorders and infections. The level of c-reactive Protein is found through CRP Test. 

    The doctor can ask you for a CRP test to identify the following: 

    • To identify the level of Inflammation because of infection
    • Determine heart disease
    • Evaluate the risk of a second heart attack

    A higher level of CRP in the blood can cause a heart attack. We should be aware of hs-CRP levels in Blood. If you have the following symptoms, your doctor can suggest the CRP Test. 

    Signs are given below: 

    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Rapid breathing
    • Rapid heart rate
    • Vomiting

    CRP test is a typical test like any other blood test. Patients do not need to make any preparation before the test. A physician will take a minimal amount of Blood and provide you with the report within 1 hour. 

    After the result, if you find a high level of CRP in your blood, you have Inflammation in your body. CRP test does not show the cause and location of Inflammation. Generally high level of CRP is the cause of smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise.

    CRP Test Price in Bangladesh

    Please frequently search for the CRP Test Price in Bangladesh. ICDDRB has fixed the price not more than 500 Taka for CRP Test. Although I am providing a chart regarding the test price list: 

    CRP Test Price BDT
    CRP 400
    CRP (Qt) 450
    CRP (Quantitative) 500
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