HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh | Updated Price 2023

    In this article, I will disclose the HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh as you know that HBsAg Test is the most important test for Hepatitis B. As well, I will discuss some HBsAg Tests related topics such as 1) HBsAg test price in Bangladesh ibn Sina 2) HBsAg test meaning 3) HBsAg test normal range 4) HBsAg test report 5) HBsAg test procedure 6) HBsAg positive symptoms, etc. Before starting the content, let's see what HBsAg Test is. 

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    HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh

    HBsAg Test Meaning

    HBsAg is also known as Hepatitis B Surface Antigen. HBsAg is a test to identify the Hepatitis B virus. If the test report is positive, the person has Hepatitis B virus in his blood, and he can spread the virus through his blood or body fluids. Hepatitis B is a serious disease for the liver as it extremely affects the liver. This virus stays in the human body for more than six months, a long time. In that situation, this virus causes liver failure or liver cancer. So we all should be aware of the Hepatitis B virus, and generally, we need to test for this virus. The whole content is about the HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh.

    HBsAg Test Normal Range

    HBsAg Test value is considered through S/C. If the result is 1 S/C  after the HBsAg Test, then the result is negative. The person does not have Hepatitis B Virus. But if the test result is five or more than 5, then the result is positive. The patient is infected with Hepatitis B Virus. If the test result is between 1 and 5 S/C, the patient is in an intermediate position of Hepatitis B Virus. The patient should immediately consult a doctor to be cured. Keep reading. You will get to know the HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh.

    HBsAg Test Procedure

    HBsAg Test is a normal blood test. It takes as usual time & It has three steps. Steps are 1) HBsAg, 2) Antibody to HBsAg, 3) Antibody to Hepatitis B Core Antigen. All these three steps are done within 1 Hour. 

    HBsAg Positive Symptoms

    There are some symptoms of Hepatitis B, and we should be aware if we have such Symptoms. These symptoms are given below: 
    • Liver Pain 
    • Yellow urine
    • Fever
    • Joint pain
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Nausea and Vomiting
    • Weakness
    • Jaundice
    If you find such abnormalities in your body, you should immediately consult a doctor and have an HBsAg test. HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh is given below. 

    HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh Ibn Sina

    ICDDRB settles HBsAg Test Price. Bangladesh government fixed the HBsAg Test Price through ICDDRB. According to Bangladesh Government, HBsAg Test Price is only 1050 taka. However, according to the hospital and diagnostic center, this test price may increase a little bit. The test price may increase slightly in the most costly hospitals such as Apollo, Square, etc. General hospitals such as Ibn Sina, Lab Aid, Green Life, etc., will charge 1050 taka for this test. This test price is fixed for the whole of Bangladesh.


    I hope the content helps you get the HBsAg Test price in Bangladesh. If you still have anything else regarding any test price or medical information. Feel free to comment on the post. We will provide you with 100% authentic information. 
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