Blood Test price in Bangladesh

    A blood test is the most common test in Bangladesh. In most cases, doctors suggest a blood test to patients. The article is all about Blood Test prices in Bangladesh. There are some types of tests on Blood. I will cover all test prices related to Blood. Test prices vary from hospital to hospital, but the given price is the government price. 

    Blood Test price in Bangladesh
    Blood Test price in Bangladesh

    These test prices are collected from BSMMU - Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital. The test price may vary from 50 to 100 taka all over Bangladesh.

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    Blood Test price in Bangladesh

    There are no people in the world without a Blood Test. This is the most common and available test in the world. In most cases, people are not sure about Blood test prices. So without further due, let's see the Blood Test price in Bangladesh. 

    Test Name Price (BDT)
    Hb TC DC 150
    CBC 200
    HB% 100
    ESR 60
    TC/DC of WBC 100
    PC 100
    CE 100
    AFP 400
    CEA 400
    B-hcG 400
    Hb TC DC ESR 250
    CBCe PBF 250
    HCT/PCV 100
    MCV/MCH 100
    MCHC 100
    BT/CT 500
    PFB 200
    MP 80
    CA - 125 400
    PSA 400
    Hb-A1c 400

    These are the standard blood test that is primarily encountered in Bangladesh. The given prices are fixed according to government policy. The may be an increase in some private hospitals such as Labaid, Square, Greenlife, etc. Most of the medical organizations in Bangladesh will take similar prices.

    I hope the content helps get information regarding blood test prices. If you need any medical information, please feel free to comment on the post. I will provide you with 100% accurate information as per your requirements. 

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