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    Kidney Test Price in Bangladesh is one of the most searched queries. Today I will give details regarding the Kidney Function Test Details & Price. Recently We are finding so many kidney disease patients near us. That's why all of us should go for Kidney tests frequently. Before price, Let's see how kindly work in the human body and why should you go for a kidney test. So without further due, let's get started. 

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    Kidney Test Price in Bangladesh
    Kidney Test Price in Bangladesh

    What is Kidney Function Test? 

    The kidney Function Test is the way to identify the result of Kidney work. These tests mainly find out  GFR, also known as glomerular filtration rate. GFR ensure how properly the kidneys are clearing waste insight human being. As you know, the kidney is the most vital part of a human being that mainly filters the waste inside the human body and properly clears that waste as urine. We generally go for the kidney test while this procedure is interrupted.  

    Symptoms of Kidney Problems: 

    High Blood Pressure and Diabetics are the main culprits of Kidney Disease. Except it, there are so many reasons behind Kidney Disease, but If you are a sufferer of high blood pressure and diabetes, you must go o for a kidney test because these two diseases can gradually seriously harm your kidney function. 

    However, do not be late for the kidney test if you have the following symptoms. Symptoms are given below: 

    1. Frequently Blood into Urine 
    2. Having Pain after Urination 
    3. Frequently pressure to Urinate 
    4. Pain before pee.

    Kidney Test Price in Bangladesh 

    Your doctor might also provide you with some tests, but these are the standard kidney function tests. The test is given below with the price: 

     SL Test Price
    01 BUN  400 taka
    02 eGFR 1000 taka
    03 Creatinine Serum Post/Pre-Dialysis 450 taka
    04 24 Hours Urine Test 1000 taka

    According to hospitals or diagnostic centers, these test prices may little increase or decrease. Some institutes may charge a little higher, or some institutes may charge a little lower. The total Kidney Function Test Price in Bangladesh is around 3000 BDT. 

    Preparation before Kidney Test: 

    These are the very normal test. You do not have any other preparation before the test. According to the doctor, you should fulfill your stomach before the test for proper results. 

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