Free Download Next JS Blog Template for Blogger (New Updated)

    Next JS Blog Template Free

    The content is all about the Next JS Blog Template. As you know that Next JS is a javascript platform that allows you to create a beautiful template including so many features. Frequently people are searching for the Next JS Blog Template. I will provide you the best Next JS Blog Template for free. I will cover as well as next js blog template free, next js blog template GitHub, next js news templates, next js tailwind template free, next js cms template, stories - personal blog react nextjs template, and next js portfolio template. So without further due let's get started. 

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    Next JS Blog Template
    Next JS Blog Template

    Next js Blog Template GitHub

    There is a lot of Next JS Blog Templates online but getting them free is very difficult. I will provide you with some Next js Blog Template GitHub for Free. 

    Netlify Blog Template

    Netlify Blog Template is one of the most popular Next Js Blog Templates. The template is developed with Next.js v12 & Tailwind v3.0. The template also supports Built-in MDX v1. The template provides a modern trendy design with a dark and light theme. The template preview is given below: 

    Netlify Blog Template

    Jamify Blog Starter

    Jamify Blog Starter is one of the most famous and popular Next JS Blog Templates. This template is totally free. You will be surprised to know that the template provides you the full accessibility, performance, and SEO facilities. Jamify Blog Starter is built with Ghost CMS. The Author of this template is known as "JOOST JANSKY". The template is recently updated on MAR 25, 2022. The framework is developed via Next.JS & the template is customizable. Users can customize it as their own. 

    Jamify Blog Starter

    Google Page Speed Insight of this template is awesome. A screenshot of performance of this Template is given below: 

    Next.js Blog Template

    This is the last and final template named as "Next.js Blog Template". People frequently search for this template. This is the most fast-loading awesome template which provides you 100% accessibility in every sector. The template design is very minimalistic and very easy to manage the template. Some feature of this template is given below: 

    Next.js Blog Template
    • Next.js 12
    • Markdown support
    • RSS Generation
    • CSS Variables
    • Responsive Design
    • Modules of CSS
    • Material UI Icons
    • Best Speed in Page Speed Insight
    Furthermore, this template will provide you with the best page speed. According to Google Page Speed Insight the template result is given below: 


    Hope this template helps you a lot regarding Next.js Blog Template. The given three templates are the best template in Next.js for Blog. These templates are free and available in GitHub. You can download and install these templates any time you want. If you face any issue regarding installing then feel free to comment upon the post, I will help you. Thanks for being with AllCollectionBD.Com
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