LFT Test Price in Bangladesh | Liver Function Test in Bangladesh

    The whole content is regarding LFT Test Price in Bangladesh as well as details regarding the Liver Function Test in Bangladesh. People frequently ask for LFT Test Price. As you know that Liver Function Test is the most common test in Bangladesh. People go for the test due to a diagnosis of liver disease. As you know the Liver Function Test includes so many tests together which are: 

    1. AST
    2. ALP
    3. ALT
    4. GGT
    5. Protein 
    6. Albumin tests
    LFT Test Price in Bangladesh
    LFT Test Price in Bangladesh

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    So mainly people go for this test to diagnose any malfunction in the liver. So without further due let's get started.

    LFT Test Price in Bangladesh

    According to Bangladesh Heath Care Diagnostic Center, The Liver Function or LFT Test Price in Bangladesh is around 1400/- BDT. Though it may vary a little bit according to the institution. All the government and semi-government organizations will charge around 1400/- BDT but test prices may be a little higher for Higher Class Private Medical Institute such as Green Life, Lab Aid, Squire Hospital, etc. 

    Symptoms of Liver Diseas: 

    There are some ymptoms of Liver Disease. If you have the following symtoms then you must to consult a doctor for liver testing. Below symtoms are highly injuries for liver. Lets check the symtoms below: 

    • Jaundice
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Abdominal Pain
    • Dark Colored of Urine
    • Light Colored Stool
    • Fatigue

    Reasons for Liver Disease:

    There are some reasons what cases the liver disease. If you have the following history and if you are getting any symptoms of liver disease then you should go for liver test. The reasons for liver disease are given below: 

    • If you have family history of Liver Disease
    • If you take uncontrolled alcohol 
    • If you suffered by Hepatitis B Virus 
    • If you have extreme diabetics

    The Procedure of Liver Test: 

    The liver test is just like another medical test. The test is done through Blood Sample. The physician will take some blood from your body and they will send the blood sample to Lab for testing. The procedure may take maximum 5 minutes. Before testing you have no need to take any other preparation. Just you need to fast for 10 to 12 hours. Your stomach should be empty before the test. 

    Conclusion - LFT Test Price in Bangladesh

    I hope the content helps to get information regarding lft test price in Bangladesh. If you have any further query regrding it then feel free to comment upon the post. I will provide you 100% authentic information. Thank You 
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