Can you make a free website on Squarespace

    Squarespace is a well-known web platform that provides the "GROW YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE "service. Now the question is can you make a free website on Squarespace? Then I will say that Yes, you can initially create a free website on the Squarespace. 

    Can you make a free website on Squarespace
    Can you make a free website on Squarespace? 

    Hello Reader, This is KOUSHIK SARKAR. I will show you how to make a free website on Squarespace. Do not miss the article; keep reading till the end and build your Website for free. 

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    Squarespace free website builder

    Squarespace is just like Wix & Shopify. Squarespace provides templates for free. Just sign in Squarespace website through your login credentials and provide your Site Title. After that, choose a template that fulfills your requirement. After selecting the theme, modify the text and images as you want.

    Is Squarespace free? 

    Squarespace is accessible only for 14 days as Squarespace provides 14 days trial period. After the trial period, it requires a subscription. Actually, without a subscription, you can only create your webpage. It would be best if you took a subscription before publishing your site. Squarespace does not allow publishing sites without a subscription. In that sense, we can say that Squarespace is not free at all. It is highly paid rather than any website builder platform. You can add a custom domain in Squarespace after taking a subscription. You can just build your web pages without a subscription.

    Squarespace Price

    Squarespace provides four packages for the website builder and site management. The Price plan is given below. 

    Price Plan Monthly Annually
    Personal $16 $12
    Business $26 $18
    Basic Commerce $30 $26
    Advanced Commerce $46 $40

    What types of Website Can be Built in Squarespace? 

    You can create multiple websites in Squarespace. However, Squarespace is highly popular for Personal-Portfolio Websites. Besides it, you can build eCommerce, Blogging sites too. All free templates are given in between Squarespace page builder. 

    How to SEO in Squarespace? 

    Built-in, you will get some tools in Squarespace, such as 

    1. SEO Tools 
    2. Email Marketing 
    3. Social Media Tools 
    4. Product Video Making 

    You can reach your targeted audience through these tools. You do not need to be an SEO expert in terms of SEO. If you do not know Off-Page, On-Page & or Technical SEO, then no worry. Squarespace will automatically find meta descriptions from your product or content and rank them in the search engine. 

    How much time do you need to build the Website in Squarespace? 

    Creating a website in Squarespace is a fundamental and easy job. If you do not know anything about coding, then no worry. Squarespace is a matter of drag and drop. If your materials are ready such as Logo, Branding, Content, and Product, you need only 2 hours to organize them. 

    Squarespace Features. 

    Squarespace provides some features which is the reason for its popularity. Let us see the features which are given below: 
    • E-commerce - Squarespace provides you a pre-ready eCommerce solution. You need to just put your product and price. The rest will be done through Squarespace such as SEO, Index, etc. 
    • Email Marketing - You can integrate Mailchimp & Zaiper for Email Marketing. You can set an automation email to knock your customer according to your schedule. 
    • Custom Code - You can insert your custom code such as pre-ready Javascript, CSS, etc. 
    • Announcement Bar - You can set and customize different announcements for your audience. 
    • Amazon Block - You will get pre-build Amazon Block in Squarespace. It will highly help you with affiliate marketing. If you have any affiliate programs with Amazon then Squarespace will be highly appropriate for you to promote your affiliate business. 
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