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    Bulk page speed insights indicate to an analysis of website pages in a bulk way.  We will discuss the details regarding it. As you know Page speed insights is a google product that helps to find out the exact page speed of a website. Recently Google has updated its algorithm on SEO. Website page speed now impacts SEO. Good page speed (98-100) will get a good impression from Google and automatically it will get a number of clicks.  On the other hand, Poor page speed pages will not pass the Google web core vitals test and it will gradually fall down from search results. So keeping the page speed high is mandatory for getting a number of clicks and impressions.

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    Bulk page speed insights

    Google has introduced "Page speed insights" a google platform to identify the page speed of URLs. We recently finds some difficulties in Google Page Speed Insights. Here we can not identify URLs in a bulk way. Today, I will discuss the features of Bulk page speed insights and how it works. 

    Bulk page speed insights

    A simple website might have more than 100 URLs. And checking every URL separately is a difficult task. Even we do not know sometimes where are our URLs.  In that case, Bulk Page Speed Insights help a lot. Bulk page speed insights find out all indexed URLs from the sitemap of a specific site and it checks the Page speed of every URL together simultaneously. It provides an in-depth report of specific URLs and shows the outcome to overcome and help to pass Google Web Core Vital Test. 

    Bulk page speed insights tool

    Now I am going to show you the best Bulk page speed insights tools. I have researched so many tools and find this one is optimum among them. The Bulk page speed insights tool is known as "EXPERETE". This is a free platform. You can analyze any website as much as you want. The site interface is very easy. Just visit the site and provides your website URL and just press the Start Test. 

    Bulk page speed insights tool

    Your work is done. Now the tool will find out all URLs of your website and analysis every specific page speed. After the analysis, you can export the report in a CSV file. 

    Bulk page speed insights report
    Bulk page speed insights report

    Look this is my website report. Here most of the page speed of my website is more than 95 but one-page speed is 57. Now I will analyze the page speed and fix it. 

    FAQ of Page Speed Insights

    How do I get 100% on PageSpeed Insights?

    1. Keep the website as simple as you can. Reduce design a lot. 
    2. Keep the image in WEBP format and make the image size less than 12KB. 
    3. Eliminate render-blocking elements.
    4. Avoid page redirection
    5. Use VPS Hosting
    6. For a Blog website - Blogger is perfect for good site speed. 
    7. Shrink HTML, CSS, JavaScript Code. 

    What is a good score on PageSpeed Insights?

    Please says 85 is good but I say it is average. If your page speed is just 85 then you will get an extra impression from Google. I will recommend keeping more than 95 speed.

    Does PageSpeed Insights affect SEO?

    100% it affects SEO. For example, you are not good enough in Off-Page and On-Page SEO but if your website gains 100% desktop and mobile page speed then you will get automatically impressions and clicks from Google. 
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