Aesthetic Blogger Templates with best core web vitals result

    The article is about Aesthetic Blogger Templates which will provide you the best care web vital result. Today I am going to cover the most important part of blogging. In recent days, people are being upset about blogging because of optimum templates. I will provide you the best Aesthetic Blogger Templates for free. Whatever, In terms of blogger template we also think about two factors. The first one is Aesthetics and the second one is speed. Without good page speed, we can not pass core web vitals results. As you know that Google has already updated its algorithms. Now website/web ranking depends on its speed. We have no longer thought about hosting in terms of blogging because Google itself provides us free hosting for blogging. Getting a good template for bloggers is difficult. You will get thousand of blogger templates online but their performance in web core vitals is very poor. No more worry. I will provide you with two blogger templates which is Aesthetic as well as perform higher in Web Core Vitals.

    Aesthetic Blogger Templates
    Aesthetic Blogger Templates

    Personally, I have been using these two templates for my blogging for long days. I find extraordinary performance from these two template. They are as fast as aesthetics. So without further due let's download the templates. 

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    Jet Theme Aesthetic Blogger Templates

    Jet Theme Aesthetic Blogger Templates is one of the best blogger templates ever I have used. This is a mind-blowing template and provides the optimum performance in terms of SEO, Page Ranking, Functionality, etc. The developer of this template provides it for free. You can easily change the footer credit of this template without any hassle. Even the temple supports all schema which are highly essential for ranking the site. As well as I am very glad to inform you that the template is designed with Build In Table of content. You have no need to install a table of content separately. As you know that TOC (Table of content) is highly important for blogger ranking. As it creates a separate link for every H2 tag.

    A screenshot is given below of the page speed of the Jet Theme Blogger Template. 

    Jet Theme Aesthetic Blogger Templates

    At a glance - Features of Jet Theme Aesthetic Blogger Templates 

    • Performance - 97
    • Accessibility - 100
    • Best Practices - 100 
    • SEO - 100
    • Aesthetic - 100
    • The Template is Free 
    • Lifetime update 
    • Telegram Group for any template related issue 
    In terms of Aesthetics, Jet Theme Aesthetic Blogger Templates is awesome. You can customize the template as you want. You can change color, font, layout, and icon from every part of this template. At last, I can say that this is the best template in the blogger platform which will provide you with every single requirement in a package. 

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates

    PinkTong is another Aesthetic Blogger Template. The template is highly popular in the blogger market. PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates is highly recommended for good CPC. We blogger actually work in Blogging because of Good CPC. Pinkfong Aesthetic Blogger Templates provides high CPC Display Ad. The header Ad of this template is big in size rather than any other template. The template allows you to use Lazy Load for Adsense Code so that you can get full speed for the site. The template of my site is PinkTong and I am getting good CPC and page view. In terms of speed, the template provides 98 for mobile and 100 for desktop. You will be glad to know that Google will provide you with unlimited impressions and traffic after installing this template. For reference, a screenshot is given below: 

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates
    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates SEO 

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates is highly optimized for SEO. If you just know the proper way of ON Page SEO then you will be able to easily rank your site on search engines. Just select and put your keyword in the right place. You have no need to worry more as the template algorithm will rank your site automatically. I find some facilities in  PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates. If your domain authority and backlink is 0 after that you will be able to rank your post only through the Site Speed and Google lightbox impression. 

    For your reference, a screenshot is given below: 

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates SEO
    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates SEO 

    Here I got 5.27K impression from google because of Good Site Speed and I find huge amount of clicks from this impression. So PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates provides such speed and google rank my pages because of Good Speed. 

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates Features:

    Let's see some features of  Aesthetic Blogger Templates.
    • Fully Responsive 
    • Fast loading 
    • Sticky sidebar 
    • 4 Ads in articles. 
    • Lazy load
    • Share Button 
    • Lazy Load for Images and Videos 
    • Subscription Box 
    • Header Background Color 
    • Related Post 
    • Disqus Comment System 
    • Breadcrumbs
    Except it this template supports all types of schema. There is no build-in Table of Content but if you want I can provide you the raw code of TOC (Table of Content). You can easily redesign the template as you want. In that case, you must to change the design option such as color, font, font size, and align with the theme HTML Code. In the theme layout option, you can put Ad code, Header menu, Logo, etc. In the sense of Aesthetics, PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Templates is ready to provide you with a good-looking website with reader's eye care. This template provides nothing mood built-in for readers.

    PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Template Corns: 

    PinkTong blogger template is awesome in every aspect through I find some negative issues which I would like to disclose to you. PinkTong Aesthetic Blogger Template is a free template. There is no premium version of this template. In the free version, there is some restriction mood such as footer credit. You can not change the footer credit If you are not much skilled in HTML and JavaScript. The footer credit is linked with a Javascript code while you will change the footer credit from HTML code immediately the template will stop working. There is no build-in Table of Content which is highly necessary to read. You can install any third-party table of content on this template. These are the only two factors I find as corn in this template. Otherwise, the template will provide you with the best performance ever you expect. 

    FAQ - Aesthetic Blogger Templates

    Which are the best Aesthetic Blogger Templates?

    According to my point of view, the template can not be best via looks only. The template must have proper performance. Jet Theme Blogger template provides good performance as well as good looks. 

    Where can I find Aesthetic Blogger templates?

    Aesthetic Blogger templates are available on open source. Many theme developers are also providing templates for free. You can also collect blogger templates from AllCollectionBD websites. Get connected with us. 

    Which is the best free template for Blogger?

    From every perspective, I find Jet Theme Blogger Template is the best template ever I have discovered. 
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