Passive Income Ideas Without Investment For Students

Passive income ideas for students without any investment. Start your passive income today without any investment or money and earn much money

    Passive Income Ideas Without Investment

    Money is the ultimate solution to 90% of problems & earning money is the toughest work ever in the world. People always seek some extra money. Today I will show you some ideas on how to create passive income without any investment. You can create a smart income even without any investment. Yes, this is possible only through dedication, skills, patience. There are lots of people around us who badly need money but do not have the capacity to invest. If you are looking for passive income ideas without investment then the blog is for you and this blog will give you some ideas regarding passive income without any investment. 

    Passive Income Ideas Without Investment
    Passive Income Ideas Without Investment

    Google Ads: 

    This is the easiest way to earn money if you spend time on it. There are many Ads providers but Google is number one among them as Google gives the maximum amount of revenue to the people who work on Google Ads. 

    Before the procedure, let’s discuss how Google provides revenue through Ads. You know that millions of companies speed money because of Ads. In the terms of Digital Advertisement, most companies/people speed money on Google to show their Ads on Websites, Apps, and YouTube videos. In that case, Google takes a huge amount of money from Ads Provider (Company/People) and shares 70% of the revenue with the Content Creator. So we will work as content creators with Google to earn the money. 

    Google provides 3 platforms to work as a content creators which are 

    1) Website (Blogging) 

    2) YouTube Videos 

    3) Google Play Store (App Store) 

    1. Website (Blogging) 

    A good way to earn money by writing. In that case, you need just a website that is also provided by Google ( Search “blogger” on your website and immediately you will find the google Blogspot platform where you can easily create your website with your Gmail account and which is totally free (if you take sub domain). After creating the site, you can write your content on your expertise. In that case, I recommended you to visit the terms and conditions of Google and learn more about it before starting the work.

    Note: In that case, if you create a free website, I mean creating a website with Google Subdomain such as “” then you need to wait for some months to get Google Ads into your website. 

    2. YouTube Videos 

    YouTube is also powered by Google. A lot of students all over the world is earning from YouTube. To earn money from YouTube, you need your google account. Go to and create a channel with your Gmail. It will not take more than 1 minute to create a YouTube Channel. After that, you need to create video content and upload that content into your YouTube Channel. In that case, you can use your mobile camera also. I recommend you read the terms of conditions of YouTube properly to start the job. There are some requirements provided by YouTube. Read the requirements properly then start the job.

    3. Google App Store 

    Google App Store (Play Store) is also powered by Google. If you do have skills in Android  App Development then you can easily generate income from App Store. You may have always seen a huge amount of Ads in the Free Apps of the Google Apps Store. So you if have skills on creating apps then you can develop and publish it to the AppStore. If you fulfill all terms and conditions of the Play Store then you can also generate income from apps. 

    4. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is another most demanded passive income platform. There are many affiliate providers all over the world such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.  You can create an affiliate account to their platform and promote their products through your website and YouTube Channel. You will get a good amount of commission from every single sale that is made from your website. In that way, you can earn a huge amount of money through Affiliate Marketing. 

    5. Online Courses 

    If you have any specific skills in any context then you can create an online course. Even if you do not have a Good Studio Setup you may try through Your Mobile and Laptop too. There are many popular online course platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Coursesity where you will be able to create your own course and upload your course materials as well as you will be able to select your course price. In every single sale, the website authority will take some commission and you will get the rest. 

    6. Graphics Design (Microstock Sites) 

    Graphics Design has now become a common skill among the young generation. Many people provide a lot of time and dedication to market place such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer but they get failed because of high competition. People who have good skills in Graphics Design can easily work on Microstock sites as contributors. Here you will submit different designs such as flyers, brochures, leaflets, cover pages, visiting cards, stickers, banners, etc. If these designs are unique and copied-free then your design will be approved. As many clicks, you will get into your design that much amount you will earn. 

    For your benefit, I am providing you with some microstock site names where you can work as contributors. 

    At the very end, I want to give a definition of Passive Income and Active Income. 


    Passive Income means money is generated from a passive source. Here you do not know who is giving you the money. You have created content and published it online. People are watching your content and money is generated through Ads. You have no need to contact any specific individuals to take the money. Money is coming from a system. 


    On the other hand, Active Income means man-to-man dealings such as in the Freelancing marketplace. The buyer is giving you a job and you are getting paid after the job is done by the buyer. 


    My opinion is that passive income is the best and most beneficial income source. As in passive income, you have no need to tolerate anyone’s order. You can complete your task as you want. You can create your course with your choice & money is generated with a system. Earning amount is passive income is always higher than the active income.