MRCP Test Procedure And Price | How to Pass MRCP UK Exam

The content is all about MRCP-UK covers MRCP-UK Test, Exam Price, MRCP UK Exam Centers and procedure how to pass MRCP UK Exam in 1st attempt.

    MRCP Test Procedure And Price | How to Pass MRCP UK Exam

    MRCP Test Procedure And Price | How to Pass MRCP UK Exam
    MRCP Test Procedure And Price | How to Pass MRCP UK Exam

    The content is about important information on MRCP UK Examination in a very easy language. MRCP UK full meaning is Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. Among all exams of education, MRCP is the hardest one. Whatever there are some procedures/steps/methods for the MRCP exams. We will discuss these phenomenon’s. 


    The authority of the MRCP UK exam is the Royal College of Physicians in the UK but their exam centers are expanded in different parts of the world such as Kuwait, Srilanka, Oman, Malaysia, USA, Qatar, Singapore, Dubai, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, etc. It is a matter of glad for the Indian people as there are some centers inside India such as Kolkata, New Delhi, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.  

    According to the steps of the MRCP Exam, there are 3 steps known as


    1) MRCP UK PART- 1

    2) MRCP UK PART- 2 (Written)

    3) MRCP UK PART -2 Paces (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills)



    As we know that MRCP is a post-graduate Medicine Degree. After finishing MBBS and 1-year training in the related fields, trainee doctors get eligibility to sit for the MRCUP-UK PART 1 Examination. MRCP PART-1 is an entry-level evaluation exam. This exam is intended to judge the level of clinical knowledge of the candidate and to make sure that this knowledge is appropriate to the physicians at the beginning of Post Graduate training. In this examination, there are two questions paper. There are 100 Questions equal to 100 Marks in each question paper. The specific time for each question is 3 hours. This examination is taken in a single day that means 6 hours in a day but the authority gives a break between two exams. The question format of this examination is known as SBA (Single Best Answer). Out of five options, students are to choose one but there is no negative marking. To pass students are to get a minimum of 540 marks or 65% marks. 

    MRCP PART - 2 Written Exam

    MRCP PART 2 - Written Exam is similar to MRCP PART 1 exam but In Part Two, students must have two years of training experience to get the eligibility sitting for this examination. In terms of experiences/training, students can take the experience at any time after graduation. Even if a student takes two years internship before MRCP PART1 Exam, S/he can sit for the MRCP PART 2 exam through his/her previous two years internship. To pass this exam, students are to get minimum of 454 marks or 60% marks. 

    MRCP PACES – Clinical Part

    This is the examination that is designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge of trainee doctors who are waiting to involve themselves in special training. The main motive of this examination is to assess the clinical skills of trainee doctors through different critical skill testing. There are five stations in this examination where every station are assessed by two individual examiners. In this exam, the doctors can go from any stations they want and they must complete the station cycle with 20 minutes break of every station until the stations are finished.


    So, seven skills are assessed through the task of five stations and these seven skills are: 


    A) Physical Examination

    B) Identifying Physical Signs

    C) Clinical Communication

    D) Differential Diagnosis

    E) Clinical Judgement

    F) Managing Patients' Concerns

    G) Maintaining Patient Welfare


    The trainee doctor has to pass the five stations and has to get at least 130 out of 172 marks to complete successfully the paces examination. 

    Overall summary of Paces Examination: 


    A) Half-day examination

    B) Takes place in a clinical setting (hospital or clinical skills center)

    C) Assesses seven core skills

    D) Five stations 

    F) Eight patient encounters

    G) Two independent examiners at each station

    H) Each candidate is assessed independently by 10 examiners.


    Similar to MRCP UK PART - 2 Written, Candidates must have 2 years of training in the related field to be eligible for the Paces examination. Candidate can take these two years of training any time after the graduation even s/he can take two years internships before sitting MRCP PART ONE examination. 

    Exam Sessions:


    The Royal College of Physicians sets their examination three times a year, which are: 

    1) January 

    2) February 

    3) September 

    Their three examinations are held in this period.


    The age restriction, scheme of attempts, and others:


    The Royal College Of Physicians has not given any age restriction. A graduate doctor can apply for MRCP Examination at any age of his/her profession but H/she has to take the required internship/training. In this regard, a candidate can only attempt 6 times for each examination and after being involved in MRCP UK Exams, H/she gets seven years to complete the journey of MRCP Examination. The Royal College Of Physicians has not given any hardcore rules to be an IELTS holder but English proficiency is important for a foreign examination. The exam fees for MRCP PART 1 and MRCP PART 2 is 594 BGP (Pound) but the Paces exam costs 657 GBP (Pound). The application procedure is not that hard, it is done through the online application of The Royal College Of Physician's Official Website. In this regard, the necessary documentation is the MBBS certificate, which is to be attested by the British Council or by the member of the Royal College of Physicians. 

    AMC Registration:

    Australia is an ideal country for Bangladeshi Doctors. Doctors not only from Bangladesh, from any part of the world can join Australia as a doctor by following or maintaining some procedures.

    To settle down the profession in Australia, Doctors need to have a registration on the Australian Medical board. So these procedures are being described shortly below:

    1) Doctors need to find out his/her graduate medical college in IMED FAIMER (FAIMER International Medical Education Directory) list. If the medical college is on the list of IMED FAIMER then the doctor will be eligible for AMC (Australian Medical Council) registration.

    2) In the second step, Doctors are to apply for AMC for the verification of his/her degree and also to apply for creating AMC Portfolio in this link (

    3) AMC will take time and verify the documents given by the doctors. After verification of documents, AMC will send the candidate number via email.

    4) Through the candidate numbers, doctors can sit for first examinations whose schedule is also arranged by AMC. This examination is mainly a computer-based MCQ examination that is taken in different countries out of Australia such Bangladeshi candidates can join in a different center of India  ( Mumbai, Chennai, Dillih, Hyderabad), etc.

    5) After passing all the above steps, doctors get the chance to sit for the second examination. This examination is only held in Australia and after being passed, AMC gives a certificate to the doctors.

    5) The last and most important part is English Language Proficiency as to be nominated in the Medical Board of Australia, Doctors must have AMC Certificate and English Language Test's satisfactory result. In this regard, The medical board goes through different English Tests such as OET (Occupational English Test), IELTS (Academic), PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic), TOEFL iBT, etc. In all of these examinations, the Doctors result must be 7.0 or above it.  After being passed all the difficult stages, A doctor can take the registration of the Medical Board of Australia and settle down him/her self in the dreaming country Australia

    How does MRCP can Help AMC?

    As we know that MRCP exam carries the importance of post-graduate training in medicine and almost all of its related practices. It can be made sure that if anyone joint MRCP and practices for MRCP so AMC will be easier for him/her. To be a part of AMC is not a very easy task as It is the dream of maximum doctors. And to fulfill this dream MRCP can be the best exercise for doctors. In this regard, we look that, MRCP emphasizes the clinical knowledge or skills of doctors through different skills testing examinations. Thus MRCP creates a doctor appropriate for any kind of test. That's why we believe that MRCP can be the best assistance for AMC. 

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