Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh - New Updated

    Dengue is the most common disease in Bangladesh. Every year a lot of people are suffering due to Dengue. Here the content is going to provide you with Dengue test prices in Bangladesh as well as Details Regarding Dengue in Bangladesh. 

    Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh
    Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh

    Dengue Virus

    Dengue is the most common virus in Bangladesh which leads to Fever. This dengue virus is carried out by mosquitoes. When infected mosquitoes bite then people get affected by Dengue Fever.  These affected mosquitoes are seen in topical or subtropical areas and it is commonly seen in Asian Continents such as Bangladesh.

    Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh 

    In recent years, we found that the people of Bangladesh highly suffered due to Dengue Fever and the Hospital of Bangladesh was not that prepared to handle the situation. Recently the government has taken so many initiatives to handle the situation and tackle the dengue fever in Bangladesh. Even we are very glad to inform you that Bangladesh Government has reduced the Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh. 

    Dengue test price in Bangladesh was 1000 taka but the government has fixed it to 500 takas for all Government and Non-Government Hospitals. Now all the diagnostic centers, as well as hospitals, are bound to Charge only 500 Taka for Dengue tests. As well as the government has modified some other tests also which are related to the Dengue test. The modified test prices are given below: 

    SL  Test Name Test Price Previous Price
    01 NS1 Antigen Test 500 BDT 1000 BDT
    02 IgG and IgM 500 BDT 1000 BDT
    03 CBC 400 BDT 1000 BDT

    You will be glad to know that the government has taken so many others initiatives also to prevent the dengue disease. These initiatives are given below: 

    1. The government has asked BSSMU to create a separate ward for Dengue Patients. 
    2. The government ordered hospitals to create a separate help desk for Dengue  Awareness. 
    3. 10 monitoring team has been designed to check hospitals' services. 
    4. The government has inspired students and teachers to create Awareness in between of General People through a different medium. 

    Dengue Symptoms

    There are no special symptoms of dengue. People get common symptoms after being affected by dengue. Symptoms are given below: 

    1. Nausea 
    2. Vomiting
    3. Rash
    4. Aches and pains
    5. Warning sign

    In most cases, these symptoms last around 1 week, and sometimes it is recovered automatically.

    Dengue Treatment

    Actually, there are no specific treatments for Dengue. If you are affected by dengue then you must take intensive rest. Take normal medicine for fever like paracetamol. Try to drink as much as liquid you can. These are the initial treatment for Dengue and it is recovered within 2 weeks. 
    Is dengue contagious?

    Nope, Dengue is not contagious at all. It is not spread from man to man. There is only one possibility in terms of pregnancy. If a pregnant woman is infected then the child may also have infections. 
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