High traffic low competition niches | Low competition evergreen niches

high traffic and low competition niches are highly demanded for blogger as well as affiliate marketing. Lets see how to find low competition keywords

    In digital marketing, people like ourselves always seek the keyword, which is low competition and high traffic. Today I'm going to show you some high traffic, low compression niches. This keyword will be beneficial for both affiliate marketing as well as for blogging. In this blog, we will cover the whole procedure such as selecting niches, finding keywords on niches, and selecting the best keyword in terms of search competition and difficulties. 

    Low competition evergreen niches

    High traffic low competition niches

    High-traffic low competition niches are highly recommended for bloggers. Now I will show you some Low competition evergreen niches for bloggers. These niches will be always demanded and if you start your blog with these niches then you will get good traffic always. If you can SEO your blogsite properly then you can easily earn a handsome review from these niches. So let's see Low competition evergreen niches for bloggers: 

    1) LifeStyle | High traffic low competition niches

    If you select the niche lifestyle then you can easily earn smart revenue from it as Lifestyle belongs to High traffic low competition niches. The search volume of this niche is very high as well as competition is also low. There are some sub-categories in LifeStyle which are given below: 

    1. Fashion 

    2. Health Tips 

    3. Fitness 

    4. Beauty and Makeup

    5. Nutrition

    6. Sleep

    7. Mindfulness and meditation

    2) Food Blog | Most profitable niches 2021

    Food blogs in another key point for bloggers and these are the most profitable niches in 2021. All over the world, most people like to eat and food. Thatswhy Food is a traffic keyword and competition is also low in this keyword. Let's see some sub-categories on food. 

    1. Regional foods

    2. Recipe Blog 

    3. Cultural Food 

    4. Diet-oriented food

    5. Vegetarian Food

    3) Personal Finance | Untouched niche markets

    Finance is the most important aspect of human life. All over the world, people are involved in finance so people make a huge amount of search regarding finance. In Untouched niche markets, finance is the best keyword as you will get a huge number of traffic with very low competition. Let's see what are the sub-categories in Finance: 

    1. Getting out of debt

    2. Tax planning

    3. Insurance

    4. Saving Money

    5. Investing Money

    6. Budgeting on products and cost 

    7. Retirement planning

    8. How to improve credit scores

    4) Home Decor | High demand low competition business

    Home Improvement or Home Decor is another High demand low competition keyword for businesses. In these niches, you will find a lot of keywords in low competition and high search volume. This keyword is worldwide demanded. Let's see some sub-categories of Home Decor Keyword. 

    1. Windows Decoration

    2. Kitchens Improvement 

    3. Fitness Room 

    4. Guest suites

    5. Eco-friendly Housing

    6. Roof Decoration 

    5) Technology | Most profitable niches 2021

    Regarding Technology people make huge on searches online. This is another most profitable niches keyword in 2021. This keyword can be used in blogging as well as in affiliate marketing. Some topics on technology are given below. You can use these topics as a product review, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc. 

    1. Televisions

    2. Video game consoles

    3. Drones

    4. Electric Bikes 

    5. Smart home products

    6. Smart Gadget/Phone/Laptop

    7. Bluetooth Devises such Audio, Headphone, etc 

    How to find low competition keywords for free

    Before starting let's elaborate on the matter. What is Low Competition and High Search Volume Keyword? High Search Volume keyword means those keyword search results are high for example the keyword “restaurants nearby”. The search volume of this keyword is 17 million per month. So we can be called it a High Search Volume Keyword. 

    Low competition means how much the website is working on this keyword together. For example, the keyword “Restaurants Nearby” is covered by 652,000,000 websites. So this keyword is in high competition. If you select high search volume and low competition keywords then we can easily rank our website in google search results. 

    Now point is that how to find low competition keywords for free. To see keyword data into your browser you just need to install two plugins into your browser and registrated on that plugins. The plugins are:


    1. Ubbersuggest 

    2. Keyword Everywhere

    Search any keyword after installing these two plugins. You will get results like the below image. 

    How to find low competition keywords for free

    As per the image, I have selected the keyword “home decor furniture” and the search result of this keyword is 2900 per month, CPC is 2.19 USD and keyword difficulty is 36. So this is a good keyword in terms of search results, CPC, and keyword difficulties. According to the above image, there are some suggested keywords by Ubersuggest and Ubersuggest shows search volume, CPC, Keyword difficulties from each keyword here. So this is the way to make a low competition, high traffic keywords list. 

    So, first of all, you need to select the niches as I have described different niches above. Select your niche and search it on google. Immediately you will get some suggested keywords by Ubbersuggest and Keyword Everywhere. Select the best keyword from the theme considering search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulties. Now start your campaign or content based on the selected keyword. That's the way to get how to find low competition keywords for youtube, blogger, amazon, affiliate marketing,  

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