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    Email marketing free tools - If you start a small business or for your personal purpose you need an email marketing platform. Today I will discuss with you the best email marketing free tools ever you have discovered. All these tools are free of cost as well as you can build your newsletter as you want. In that case, if you have no need to know any coding knowledge. All the things are just like drag and drop. Even I can sure you 100% of inbox sending in this platforms. There are so many platforms that provide email service at free or at a very cheap rate but they send their message into spam folders instead of inboxes I will ensure you 100% inbox of each trigger. So without further due let's get started.

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    Email marketing free tools
    Email marketing free tools

    Stripo - Best email marketing free tools

    I have gone through so many paid and non-paid email marketing tools but I find Stripo is the best email marketing free tools ever. If we think about the free and easy platform for email marketing then we find Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc. Stripo basically works through this free email service provider.

    Stripo - Best email marketing free tools
    Stripo - Best email marketing free tools

    Building an email newsletter in Stripo is very easy. It is just drag and drop. First, visit Stripo's official website and create your account. You will get an interface to create a new email or edit a pre-made email template. Select the template you want. I recommend you to create through Black Template. Drag and Drop your elements from blocks and prepare your email. Now you will be able to export your newsletter into any free email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. You will be able to send your template to anyone through your free email service provider even you can generate the HTML code of your template from Stripo Platform and later on you can use this template anywhere you want. This is the small trick I have been using last 2 years for as best email marketing free tools. You can easily try it out and start your email campaign without investment through free platforms. 


    The sender is one of the most prominent and optimum Email Marketing Platforms. It can be called as one of the best email marketing free tools. As it provides paid features in free. It sends messages into inboxes instead of promotions and spam. In the free package, it provides a lot of facilities such contains sender branding, Email Automation Features, up to 2500 subscribers,s and up to 15,000 sends per month. This is more than enough for personal use and for a small business. You can generate your newsletter through Drag And Drop here. Even you can export the newsletter in HTML format and use it later. 


    Mailchimp is the most common and popular email marketing tool which provides good services. I have been using Mailchimp for the last 3 years continually for my office purpose and yet I did not get any troubles in using Mailchimp. Mailchimp offers both free and paid plans. This is one of the best email marketing free tools though it provides good services in the paid plan. I found some problems in the free plan sometimes such as account suspension. If there is a spam contact in your contact list and if you somehow deny Mailchimp privacy policy immediately it will suspend your account in the free plan. It does not happen frequently in the paid plans. Whatever, I will recommend you to use the free plan carefully. Mailchimp also provides very good facilities in the free plan which are
    1) 2,000 contact import 
    2) 10,000 Send per month
    3) 2,000 send limit per day
    4) Mailchimp Sub Domain 
    5) Website Builder 
    6) Survey Form and Landing Page Generator 
    7) Premade Newsletter 
    8) Email Automation
    9) Drag and Drop
    10) Export and Import Emails 

    A huge amount of services you will get from Mailchimp at free and if you skip promotional words into your email such as “Buy” “Purchase” “Enroll” “Hurry Up” then your email will directly trigger into your inbox rather than promotion. Try to use business email as sender email and keep the email as simple as you can.


    Sendinblue is the most common and feature full email platform for email marketing. It can be considered as one of the unique email marketing free tools for email campaigns. It provides so many features like Mailchimp. Features are given below: 
    1) It provides a huge range of newsletter template 
    2) A/B Testing
    3) Contact Management 
    4) Live Reporting 
    5) Automation Campaign 
    6) Up to 9000 Email Sent per month
    7) Per day limitation is 300 send 
    8) Import Unlimited Contact

    Sendinblue is highly applicable for small businesses or personal use. For a small business, user can send their campaign and set automation at free in Sendinblue. 


    Mailjet is another popular platform in the email industry. Mailjet is a good deal in email marketing free tools. For a small business, Mailjet is an ideal platform. Let's see what mail jet offers in the free version. 
    1) Manage unlimited contact 
    2) Website Integration 
    3) Survey Form 
    4) Email Automation 
    5) Email Branding 
    6) 6,000 Emails Send per month
    7) 200 Email Send Per Day 
    8) APIs
    9) SMTP 

    These are the most common and top 5 email marketing free tools 2022 for small businesses. All of these platforms are highly applicable for small businesses and personal use. 

    Stop Spam Email - Recommended 

    Before sending an email through email marketing free tools keep some points in your mind to stop sending emails in the spam folder instead of inbox or promotion. Keep the email simple as much as you can. Keep the main information in the email. Focus on targeted points or keywords rather than heavy design. Use business email (domain email) as the sender rather than any free email such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Do not keep the promotional word in Subject & Preview massage as well as in body section such Buy, Order, Hurry Up, Enroll, etc. Do not include any adult content in the email. Keep the email short and precise. Your email will 100% be inboxed. I Hope, the articles help you a lot. For any quarries, feel free to comment upon the post.

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